Deep CORE Exercise Progression

Here is a list of sample core strengthening exercises at each step. I'll be demonstrating them on the gym floor during Cary's Core Clinic and can help find the right level for you, and I incorporate many of them into the workouts at my Total Body Conditioning Class at NYSC Cobble Hill, Thursdays at 630AM

Static Core Activation &

Integrated Core Training

Dynamic Core Training

  • Standing on 1 leg

  • Stand/Balance on Wobble Board

  • Drawing in Maneuver

  • Plank

  • Quadruped with arm and leg raise

  • Side Lying Leg Lift

  • Stability Ball Squat

  • Stand on 1 leg and bicep curl, shouder press/raise, tricep
    pressdown, row, chest press

  • Balance on Board or Stability Ball and Curl,
    Skull Crusher, shoulder press/raise, row, check press

  • Quadruped with row or triceps kickback

  • Stability Ball Squat with biceps curls,
    shoulder press/raise

  • Single Leg bent over row or triceps kickback

  • Step up onto bench, balance and curl or
    shoulder press/raise

  • Walking lunge with rotation and step to
    balance on 1 leg

  • Row or chest press with lunges and a step to
    balance on 1 leg

  • Lunge, step to balance and curl or shoulder
    press; lateral lunge step to balance and curl or shoulder press

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