Get Ready to Hit the Slopes

from the American Council on Exercise

There are several ways to begin a sports-specific training program. The simplest way is to include several new exercises in your regular workout schedule.
For example, performing wall sits that require you to ''sit'' against a wall will help build up the isometric strength needed for the tuck position in skiing. Squats and lunges will build lower body strength for skiing tough terrain like moguls.

Exercises to work your abdominals are essential in creating a solid ''core'' for balance and agility.

It is important to train your body to withstand and absorb the impact associated with skiing. Plyometric movements, such as hopping from side to side, develop muscle power and strength as well as improve agility.

A great way to integrate these elements into your existing routine is to create a circuit training program, which involves rapidly moving from one exercise to the next. You can set up a circuit in any large room, or at your club's aerobic studio.

Try these stations to help you gear up for the slopes: use the slide for lateral training, perform one-legged squats to develop balance and strength, and use a step-bench platform to improve power.

To improve agility, create your own slalom by running between cones.

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