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If any of these points apply, then this is the workout for you..

- Stuck on the same machines or exercises for a while and aren't getting the results you want
- Advanced your program but need a few new moves to kick it up a notch
- Haven't been working out regularly and need to step it up

or maybe you're just looking for something different?

This workout is appropriate from the beginner/intermediate level and above, and is a total body exercise circuit.  That means you're using big muscles, a lot of muscles and you're working almost non stop to maximize results.  Warm up first, and select or set weights so that you can do two sets of 15-20 repetition of each exercise.  I've given you the basic exercises, and in some cases a progression to make it more challenging.

Single Leg Press - This is one of my favorite exercises for people who sit a lot.  Use about half the weight you normally would and pay extra attention to keeping the toe, knee and hip in alignment as you perform the leg press.  Push out through your heel and feel the fire in your glutes.

Scaption - This exercise is similar to a lateral raise but works muscles that help your posture in the shoulder area.  Use very light weights, hold them in front of your thighs in a thumbs up position and draw in the abdominal muscles.  Raise the arms in a V, maintaining a 45 degree angle, stop at shoulder height and slowly bring the weights down to starting position.  As you do scaption, you should feel the contraction between your shoulder blades.  Progression:  single leg scaption.

Pushups on a Bench - Face the bench so that the long side is in front of you, place your palms down on the bench spread wide, and spread your feet wide.  Pull the abdominal muscles tight and perform the push-up, and try to touch the chest to the bench.  It should be slightly easier to do a full push-up this way compared to on the floor.  Progressions:  Floor push-up; regular push-up with feet on a BOSU ball.

Squat with Cable Rope Row - Attach the rope handle to the cable machine at about waist level, grip the handle with the boots of each hand, and step back far enough to create a space between the plates.  Slowly squat down and as you rise back up pull the rope back into the row.  Progression:  Squat with Single Arm Cable Row.

Cable Triceps Pulldown - Attach the straight or easy bar to the cable machine at a high level, place palms up shoulder width apart and grip the bar.  Keep the elbows by your sides directly below the shoulder, and perform the exercise by pulling the bar down and resisting as it rises.  Progression:  Cable Triceps Pulldown on Balance Board.

Step Up Balance and Curl - Use a step or box and a pair of dumbells lighter than those you normally use for biceps curls.  Draw in your abdominals, step onto the box and balance on one leg.  The leg you're standing on should have a bent knee, the other knee should be raised, Perform one biceps curl in the position, step down and alternate.  Progression:  higher box; face sideways and work one side at a time.

This is the kind of workout that almost anybody can do, yet even the most advanced reader will find it quick, efficient and effective.


Training by the Numbers: Exercise Guidelines to Reach Your Goals

How much do I have to exercise? A minimum of 20-30 minutes a day or 150 per week, double that to see real change

How quickly can I lose weight? Figure on 1-2 pounds per week for safe, effective weight loss

How often can I do cardio? Every day, as often as you like - as long as you're not in pain

How often can I strength train? Give your muscles a day off to recover and grow; you can do a total body workout every other day or split the routine and alternate the muscles that work and rest

How long does it take to see muscle growth? It takes about 16 strength training sessions over several weeks to see an increase in size

How do I increase muscle size? 3-5 sets with weighs that you can lift in a range of 8-12 repetitions

What if I just want to tone? Try 1-3 sets with weights that you can lift in a range of 12-20 repetitions

How about getting really strong, like increasing my bench press? Usually you'll want to be doing 3-6 sets with a weight that you can lift in a range of 1-8 repetitions, with long rests in between

How often should I change my routine? At least every 4-6 weeks, because your body adapts and you'll hit a plateau

Which is the best form of cardio? For most people, the one you enjoy most

What should my heart rate be while exercising? The simple answer for most pregnant, healthy people is this formula: (220-age)x70-75%. Higher or lower levels may not produce optimal results

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