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I am almost age 60 I came to Cary two years ago an overweight and under excercised man. Cary was able to evaluate my needs pretty much by watching me walk and quickly designed a program which has helped me to increase my strength and flexibility. This past year he also was able to give my daughter, a 28 year old runner some very useful guidance as she prepared for the New York Marathon making him very much A Trainer For All Seasons. In addition to obviously being expert in his field, Carrie is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him."
- David

I am six months pregnant. I signed up with Cary for personal training when I was six weeks pregnant because I wanted to get into better shape for labor and delivery. Five months later, I feel great. I train with Cary once a week, follow the workout routine he set up for me on another day, and walk on the days in between. He is endlessly encouraging and is always checking in with me to make sure that the workouts are appropriate for where I am in my pregnancy.

The real payoff came earlier this month, when I went down to DC to visit my sister, who is also pregnant. She is not working out. When we toured the sights, she huffed and puffed and even opted out of a few—but I didn’t!


In a letter to NYSC....

I have had three complete knee replacements and 20+ surgeries on my knees. About four months ago I saw my surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgeries who suggested I needed to strengthen my legs and improve the flexibility of my knees. He suggested a Physical Therapist. After a month of physical therapy, I joined your club and was approached by Cary who said and documented that he had worked with individuals with bad knees. I immediately signed up. The sessions were amazing as we did exercises I had not done in physical therapy. At first I could do very little. But with Cary’s encouragement and directions to keep trying, I started making progress. To make a long story short, after the time with Cary I can walk a majority of the time without a cane, my flexibility has increased very, very significantly and I have gained remarkable strength in my legs. As my Doctor had told me if I could strengthen and gain mobility and flexion my pain would diminish. Cary somehow made it all happen including reducing the severe pain..

He is a remarkable trainer and person. It was such a pleasure to work with him not just from a professional standpoint but also from a personal standpoint. You have a very talented trainer on your staff. My hope is that when my finances improve, we can continue. In the meantime I will continue to do the exercises he has taught me.

I’m sorry to take up your time. But I felt you should know about the miracle Cary performed on me. As I said before, you have a very talented employee.

I joined the NYSC Wall Street club 2 months prior to knee replacement surgery, to lose weight and build up my upperbody and leg strength prior to surgery. I was paired with the Master Trainer Cary Raffle, and saw him weekly up until my surgery. Cary's training made an enormous difference in my recovery rate after surgery. My surgeon told me that I was in the top 10% for leg extension and walking. My roomate in the hospital asked me if I was a physical education instructor, because I was up so quickly (as a 61 year old woman who is 30 pounds overweight, this is not an occupation most people would guess for me!). Even better, for me, was that I had much less pain and discomfort this time around (I had had my other knee replaced 3 years ago), which I attribute to the conditioning I had prior to surgery. Cary's training routine for me was right on and I am forever grateful. I'm looking forward to returning to train with him when I'm fully recovered. And I'm recommending him to all the people I come across who are contemplating joint replacement surgery.

Cary Raffle is my trainer at NYSC Wall Street. Cary is knowledgeable and encouraging. More importantly, Cary has become a friend over the past six months that I have worked out with him. I trust him. He cares whether I get in better physical condition. He knows which exercises do the most good for every muscle I knew about and many I didn’t even know existed.

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to recommend Cary Raffle,  who has been my personal trainer since 2012.  When I met Cary,  I was looking for a new exercise program that would get me back into shape and hold my interest.   I told Cary that I really enjoyed running, but was unable to run because of knee pain.

In less than five minutes,  Cary performed two simple tests and described an exercise and flexibility program that he felt would alleviate my knee pain and get me running again.   His explanation made me recall studying anatomy in medical school: he knew what he was talking about and I immediately signed up for training sessions.
After a few weeks of following this program, I was running again.   I began to lose weight and feel much better.   We have a maintenance program now that keeps my knees properly aligned, and our training has progressed to include strength and core training. 

I'm a physician...and I've seen my share of gym disasters - from crossfit to improper stretching techniques. Cary's programs are not only effective, they are safe and sensible.   Which keeps his clients healthy and coming back for more. 

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