Exercise Programs

Visit my website at TrainerCary.com for15 different exercise and flexibility programs including:
  • Top 10 Exercises for the Office Worker
  • Corrective Programs: for back, legs and shoulders, to Improve Posture and Movement and Prevent Injuries
  • Progressions from Introductory to Advanced Unstable Exercises
  • 16 Pushup Variations
  • Travel Workout
  • Beginner to Advanced Stretching Progressions and Techniques
  • Transition from Desk to Gym or Road
  • Stretching programs including static stretching, self-myofascial release (foam roller) active stretching
The programs are general and appropriate for most people, however, if you have been treated for an injury you should talk to your physical therapist or doctor and get clearance before proceeding. You can feel free to contact me to develop a more customized program, or program for other issues, and for personal instruction.

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