15 Minutes Can Get You Better Results and Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Thanks for your readership of my fitness blog. To show my appreciation, I am pleased to offer a complimentary fitness program review .  We will discuss your goals, fitness level, current program and results, and give you a chance to ask questions.  This is a must if any of the following apply:
  • you're just starting out or returning
  • you've been working hard but aren't getting the results you want
  • you've plateaued 
  • you've had an injury, medical issue, pregnancy
  • you're bored, routine has gotten stale
  • you aren't working with a trainer
  • you have a special event -- wedding, trip, beach, etc.
  • you've been a reader for some time and just have some questions
Please note availability is limited and we need to schedule in advance. 

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