FLEXIBILITY: From Desk to Gym or Road

We've talked about it before in this space. Most of the clients and gym members I meet work at a desk all day long, seated and leaning over to reach their keyboards and computer monitors. Many also spend long hours on cars, trains, buses and planes. Their bodies become tight in front and some are virtually locked in that seated position head and shoulders forward position. For all of you, this is a fairly simple mini program to address the most typical issues as summarized below: TIGHT/SHORT MUSCLES: Calves, Iliotibial Band (side of leg), Adductors (Inner thigh), Hip Flexors/Quads, Piriformis, Chest, Anterior Deltoids and Internal Rotators (Front of Shoulder), Upper Traps, Lats WEAK/EXTENDED MUSCLES: Glutes Medius and Maximus, Deep Abdominal Core (mainly Transversus Abdominus) , Lower Traps and Rhomboids, Shoulder External Rotator Follow the link below to a flexibility program designed to stretch/lengthen the tight muscles and strengthen the weak/extended muscles. This program is not meant as a complete program or a substitute for a personalized fitness assessment, but is a effective way of getting most of you started towards addressing some of the most common flexibility issues.

- Muscles work as intended, doing their proper jobs
- Helps avoid using the WRONG muscles leading to better performance, better results and reduced risk of injury.Click here for your program: FLEXIBILITY FROM DESK TO GYM OR ROAD

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