Positive Steps in Stressful Times

by Cary Raffle

With all that's going on, its no wonder that so many people are more stressed out than ever. Last month, one of my colleagues and I conducted a 'StressBusters" seminar at one of the major corporations downtown - 20 minutes of stretching and exercising to get people's minds off their troubles and get their bodies moving. According to the American Council on Exercise, stress can help you feel less anxious, relax you, make you feel better about yourself and make you eat better. They say that just 20 minutes of aerobic activity a day can significantly improver your ability to control stress. Yoga and recreational sports are also recommended. Ideally, get away from your office or even company gym to reduce work related stress ( although we've developed a 20 minute StressBusters session that works pretty well in a conference room). If you tend to work in large groups, ACE suggests avoiding crowded classes, however if you work alone the social contact in classes may help.

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