Periodized Training - And Why It's Import

Lately, no matter how hard or how often you work out; you just can't seem to progress any further. You’re stuck on a plateau. It turns out that the exercise you've been doing has worked so well that your body has adapted to it. You need to ''shock'' or ''surprise'' your body a bit. You need to give it a new challenge periodically if you’re going to continue to make gains.
That goes for both strength and cardiovascular training. ''Periodizing'' your training is the key. Instead of doing the same routine month after month, you change your training program at regular intervals or ''periods'' to keep your body working harder, while still giving it adequate rest. For example, you can alter your strength-training program by adjusting the following variables: - The number of repetitions per set, or number of sets of each exercise - The amount of resistance used - The rest period between sets, exercises or training sessions - The order of the exercises, or the type of exercises - The speed at which you complete each exercise
Periodized training will ensure that you continue to make measurable progress, which will keep you energized and interested in reaching your goals. To read the full story click here.
Fit Facts are reprinted from ACE FitnessMatters® magazine permission granted.

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