Exercise Programs

Here are 15 different exercise and flexibility programs including
  • Top 10 Exercises for the Office Worker
  • Corrective Programs: to Improve Posture and Movement and Prevent Injuries
  • Progressions from Introductory to Advanced Unstable Exercises
  • 16 Pushup Variations
  • Travel Workout
  • Beginner to Advanced Stretching Progressions and Techniques
  • Transition from Desk to Gym or Road
The programs are general and appropriate for most people, however, if you have been treated for an injury you should talk to your physical therapist or doctor and get clearance before proceeding. You can feel free to contact me to develop a more customized program, or program for other issues, and for personal instruction.

Top 10 Exercises and Stretches for the Office Worker
Appropriate for almost any fitness level and help transition from  extended periods of siting and computer work to the demands of the gym and athletic competition. 

Targeted programs are good "post-rehab" workouts if you've been treated for injuries or problem areas, and can also be done as "prehab" to prevent future injuries.  Refer to the mini self assessment on this website to help select the best corrective exercises for you, or contact me for an assessment and customized recommendations.

Low Back Pain Corrective Exercise Program 
Program for post rehab, recovery and prevention from back pain and injuries, poor posture and arched back.

Lower Extremity Corrective Exercise Program - Foot, Leg, Shin, Knee and Hip
Program for problems including plantar fascitis, achilles tendinitis, shin splints, IT band syndrome, knee and hip injuries, knock-knees and turned out feet.
Upper Extremity Corrective Exercise Program - Shoulders, Neck, Rotator Cuff
Program for issues including rotator cuff, labrum injuries, neck strain, rounded shoulders, neck pain and poor posture.


Take the first step above a machine-only workout with the introductory strength training program, Reinvent or progress to simple or advanced unstable exercises.  Take your program on the road with a travel workout.

Introductory Strength Training

Unstable Exercises - Incorporate Core Training with Strength Training

Advanced Unstable Exercises - Includes a unilateral workout, advanced core training

Travel Workout

Your "Go To" Workout that one essential workout

Reinvent your push up with these 16 Different Pushup Variations

Most people do only Static Stretching, where you should be holding a position for 20-30 seconds...here are some more advanced stretching programs.

Active Isolated Stretching is a progression from static stretching, appropriate if you have no postural distortions. These stretches typically are performed in 1-2 sets of 5-10 repetitions, each repetition is held for 2-4 seconds. Some require assistance, be very careful with these, I dont recommend having someone who is not a trained professional assist you with stretches.

A Dynamic Warmup actually more like exercise than a stretch, and includes lunges, pushups with rotation, walking sideways with a resistance band. The general rule for Dynamic Stretching is to perform similar movements to those that you will do in the rest of your workout or fitness event and also to activate needed muscles.

PNF Stretching (AKA Neuromuscular or Contract Relax) PNF means Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, and it basically tricks the brain into lengthening a muscle. A trained professional will alternate between stretching your muscle and having you resist against the stretch. Again, many require assistance and I do not recommend having someone who is not trained assist you.

Self Myofasical Release (Foam Rolling) -  a technique for working out knots and adhesions that limit ability of your muscles to fully extend. Pressure is applied to the knotted area with a foam roller or other device.  After about 30 seconds, the brain sends a signal to the muscle to relax.

Here is a good general program incorporating a variety of stretching techniques and exercises to help transition from desk or road to gym.  Think of it as an "Unsitting Program."

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